Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200

Like all supermarkets under the Albertson’s corporate umbrella, Safeway recently ran a Monopoly promotion, where customers could collect game pieces and win prizes – the grand prize being $1 million – if they could find all the pieces in a category. This seemed like it would be awesome. Game pieces were earned based on how much money was spent, and considering how high our grocery bills tend to be, I figured we would soon be awash in prizes.

Good times await?

Good times await?

It was fun…at first. It was exciting to open the game pieces and affix them to our “board.” In addition, each piece came with either a merchandise coupon or a bonus code to be entered online, giving us a second chance at victory. We ripped open every game piece with a sense of anticipation that this one would contain the piece we needed for victory.

The fun didn’t last. After a few trips, it became apparent that we were getting a lot of duplicates. Obviously, EVERYONE can’t be a winner, so some of the pieces were naturally harder to find, but I don’t think we appreciate just how rare the “rare pieces” were.

I don’t think we came away with any original pieces from my last five trips to the store. What had once been fun soon became a monotonous exercise of throwing away duplicates. We assumed that at some point, we’d manage to win something, but we couldn’t find a complete set for any of the prizes – not even a lousy $5 gift card!


Here lie my hopes and dreams

As for those bonus codes…most of them were losers too. And most of the “winners” turned out to just be awards for more game pieces. Hooray.

I’m happy to say that we didn’t come away completely empty: One of my bonus codes won us a free Redbox rental. On Tuesday night, I reaped my reward when I went to the local Redbox machine and checked out Creed.

I thought Creed was pretty good, and probably the best movie in the Rocky franchise since Rocky III. I thought it would have benefited from a Survivor song (after all, what couldn’t be made better by a Survivor song?), but I liked that Creed’s entrance music was Hail Mary by 2Pac.

Sure, we may have spent a lot of time and effort peeling game pieces, and we might not have wound up as millionaires. But all that effort allowed me to watch a good movie for free. I’ll call that a win!


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13 Responses to Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200

  1. Cyn K says:

    We enjoyed Creed, too.

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    Oh, that game is so frustrating! We played with enthusiasm the first year they did this. Next time we slogged through to the end. This year we didn’t bother, just gave our game pieces to my daughter. We never won anything!

  3. Holly says:

    I’m still trying to get M to realize that the McDonald’s Monopoly game isn’t worth the effort and that we do NOT have to save pieces when get them.

  4. List of X says:

    Safeway is probably the real winner in this promotion.

  5. I didn’t realize any other corporate entity other than Mickey Dee’s did the Monopoly promotion. You can only get so many Park Places before you realize what a giant sham it is…

  6. Monopoly is supposed to take a long time and feel monotonous and unrewarding. Albertson’s has done a great job of replicating the Monopoly experience. You know what Monopoly could use to spice things up? A Survivor song.

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