False Dawn

Remember when I wrote that after a few weeks of crappiness, things seemed to be getting better? As it turned out, that light we saw at the end of the tunnel was the headlight of a fast approaching train. We hoped that the worst was behind us; and honestly, it might have been. But we were still a long way from being good.

After a few vomit-free nights, we thought that everyone was getting healthy. But Cujo soon returned to his night-vomiting ways, and then the Cutlet woke up in the morning with a high fever.

The fever continued for a couple of days, until she woke up from a nap screaming in pain. She complained about a sharp pain in her abdomen, and our first thought was that she was suffering from appendicitis. A visit to the doctor fortunately indicated that the pain was on the wrong side for it to be her appendix. X-rays revealed that the illness had infected her lungs and she was suffering from pneumonia.

Fortunately, she recovered quickly, and seems to be doing much better. Perhaps most importantly, her appetite has returned. The stomach ailments had left her looking alarmingly thin, so it’s reassuring to see her eating again.

We brought Cujo to the doctor since he had developed a cough and skin rash to go along with his vomiting. The initial diagnosis was a series of stomach viruses, but a throat culture revealed that strep throat was the real culprit. We were quite surprised by this news since the rapid test came back negative and he had seemed to be improving.

Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, everyone seems to be healthy now…but this wouldn’t be the first time I thought that. Considering that the Cutlet starts school today, I certainly hope she’s through with being sick.

Speaking of which, I suppose it was preferable for her to get sick during the summer so that she didn’t have to miss school. But it’s also frustrating to think how much money we’ve wasted on the summer camp over the past few weeks.

The au pair situation looks like it’s heading for a happy ending as well. Our fired au pair was able to find a new family that will hopefully be a better fit. We felt really bad about the whole situation as we liked her personally, and she seemed to do well with the children. Hopefully, the areas where we had problems with won’t be an issue with her new family.

That’s well and good for her, but we were still desperately in need of someone to watch the twins during the day. After a couple of weeks of scouring the database of available au pairs, we found one who seemed promising.

She was also searching for a new family, but her status seemed to be due to her original family not treating her very well. After a few Skype conversations and a little bit of background checking, we decided she was the right au pair for us. And fortunately, she felt the same way. She’ll be joining us midway through September. We hope this works out, because honestly, I’m not sure what we’ll do if she doesn’t.

I’d like to say that we’ve finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel, but after the past two weeks, I think it’s best if I avoid such declarations. After all, you never know when another train is heading your way.


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