Giving Thanks

My last two posts haven’t been especially happy, but can you blame me? Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen racists and neo-Nazis become emboldened, the Democratic party seems to be falling apart, and in a few months time, America is going to be led by the real world equivalent of the Legion of Doom. (The comic book coalition of evil doers, not the wrestling tag team or Philadelphia Flyers line.) But I’m tired of focusing on the negative. It’s Thanksgiving, and damn it, I’m going to find something positive to write about!

Here are a few reasons why I can be thankful today:

The Philadelphia Eagles are still in the playoff hunt

Eagles fans can feel thankful for Carson Wentz. (Image source)

Eagles fans can feel thankful for Carson Wentz. (Image source)

Last weekend’s game against the Seahawks didn’t go so well, but overall, the team is doing much better than people expected. Once the team named rookie quarterback Carson Wentz the starter, this felt like a lost season. But Wentz has looked pretty good, and despite some major flaws, the Eagles have held their own.

They’re 5-5 and facing a not-too-imposing stretch run schedule. A 10-6 record isn’t out of the question. Unfortunately, that might not be enough to get them into the playoffs, but at least they’ll be playing meaningful games into December.

My friends have given me hope

My previous post was inspired by a few people on social media acting indifferent – or worse – about hateful acts. I’m happy to say that since that day, I’ve been heartened by the reactions I’ve seen from most of my friends on Facebook. I’ve seen many friends speak out against the “alt right” movement. I’ve seen friends express disgust at Steve Bannon’s appointment- and more importantly, I’ve seen them take action.

I may not be happy about the future of the nation’s leadership, and I may question why the election went the way it did, but at least I know that there are a lot of good people in this world.

It’s the holiday season!

If you went based on stores’ seasonal displays, then the Christmas season started some time in October, but Thanksgiving is when things really kick into high gear. Some people might dread this time of year, but as I’ve written before, I’m a big fan. Everything just seems a little happier in December. We get festive decorations, joyful music, and lots of parties and events.

Of course the most important reason to be thankful is my family. The world may not always be a great place, and bad things will still happen. But I’m surrounded by a loving family, and that makes everything okay. The kids may drive me nuts at times – and they most certainly will over the four-day weekend – but I’m certainly thankful that I have them.

I hope all of my readers have something or someone they’re thankful for too. Happy Thanksgiving!


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One Response to Giving Thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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