Yet Another Christmas Day Interview with Michael Bublé

Since this blog made its unheralded return on December 1st, I’m sure there’s been one question on the minds of all my longtime readers: Would there be another interview with pop singer Michael Bublé on Christmas Day? And the answer to that question is: Yes!

Back once again to talk about Christmas and a variety of other topics is everyone’s favorite Canadian pop singer Michael Bublé!


Another year of sitting down with Michael Bublé on Christmas (Image source)

Cutter: Hey, Michael! It’s been a couple of years. How have you been?

MB: Sigh…I’ve been fine.

Cutter: Just fine? It seems like your family has had a lot of good news lately.

MB: Yes, we have.

Cutter: Okay then what’s wrong?

MB: Nothing’s “wrong,” I’m just wondering why we’re doing this.

Cutter: This interview? We always talk on Christmas.

MB: Except that we didn’t the past two years. You know after we had our goodbye talk and you wrapped up your blog with a satisfying conclusion?

Cutter: You may remember that I always said I might bring the blog back again one day?

MB: But why? What’s the point? I’ve been reading some of these posts, and at the risk of being especially blunt, you haven’t exactly been writing world-changing stuff here. Maybe if you had brought back the 2015 version of the blog, I could understand. But that’s has been more like the 2011 version.

Cutter: Is there a huge difference?

MB: Yes. In 2015, you actually tried to write interesting posts that a general audience might want to read. In 2011, it was a glorified diary with limited appeal. And that’s what the 2018 version has basically been.

Cutter: You’re saying you haven’t enjoyed reading about my stomach illnesses or back pain?

MB: Oh yeah, that’s been super riveting. Let me tell you, I wake up early every morning anxiously awaiting to hear about your next physical ailment.

Cutter: Okay, I get it. I’ve had some “deeper” posts planned, but they take time, and if I want to get something up each day, it’s usually got to be short and quick.

MB: Even then, why are you doing this?

Cutter: I guess part of me just missed writing. I got nostalgic for the days of writing a blog post every day in December, so I decided to try it again. I’ll admit that it hasn’t been as much fun as I hoped.

MB: If you missed writing, why didn’t you work on your novel like you said you were going to do last year?

Cutter: I tried. It didn’t work. For whatever reason, I couldn’t do it. I’ve resigned myself that it’s never going to happen.

MB: You’re just giving up?

Cutter: Yes, I’ve given up! I tried a bunch of things to get myself to write the novel on a consistent basis, and none of them took. Maybe in a different life, I’d figure out a way to actually write the damn thing, but in this one, I’m simply not going to be a novelist.

MB: That’s sad.

Cutter: It’s not all bad. I am getting paid to write about the Phillies again, and that’s been fun.

MB: Congrats on that, I suppose.

Cutter: Well, since we apparently don’t have anything else to say to each other, is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

MB: Just hope everyone out there is having a joyous and wonderful holiday season.

Cutter: Well said. Merry Christmas to all my readers!




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