Nuts and Gum

After being called out by Michael Bublé for not writing about anything substantial, I think it may be time to discuss a political issue. Now that 2018 is just about over, I think it’s fair to say that the year was quite a shit show when it came to American politics. Rock bottom may have come during the whole Brett Kavanaugh affair, when a man who was credibly accused of committing sexual assault was placed on the highest court in the nation.

There was outrage on both sides. Reasonable people Liberals were upset because there was enough evidence against Kavanaugh to think that maybe they should have found a different nominee. Others were concerned because if a seemingly respectable white man like Brett Kavanaugh could be accused of misdeeds, then anyone could be accused. These people used these accusations as evidence of a continuing war on white men in America.

It seems that there’s a sizable group of white people who think there’s some sort of campaign against them. They hear stories of minorities receiving welfare and the benefits of affirmative action, and they think it’s a sign that white people are falling behind. They hear things like “Press 1 for English” or see the #MeToo movement, and wonder how things changed to the point where white men were treated so unfairly.

It’s all bullshit of course. White men don’t want equality. White men want nuts and gum.

I’ve written before that America has basically turned into the Springfield of the Simpsons. For example, remember this clip?

The “best” part is that this works for white men all along the socio-economic spectrum. The well-to-do crowd doesn’t want things to change, because like Homer said, it’s nice to have all the advantages, no matter how stupid or otherwise unworthy you are. If you’re used to having all the advantages, an equal playing field can seem unfairly tilted against you.

For the less fortunate, they’re wondering why they’re not feeling the effects of this supposed “white privilege.” If white people are supposedly so well off and powerful, then why are they struggling to make ends meet, and why does the government seem so determined to help everyone else?

Unfortunately, this sentiment is – and remains – strong enough that a thoroughly unqualified and incompetent man was clever enough to tap into it, and used it to win a presidential election. If you happen to be one of the people who voted for it, all I can say is: I hope your nuts and gum taste good.


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