Every December, the National Zoo in Washington DC holds a ZooLights event where they decorate the grounds with Christmas lights and allow visitors to walk the grounds after sundown. We had never attended before, but with the weather looking nice on Saturday night, Mrs. Cutter and I decided to take the family for a holiday treat.


Unfortunately, it seemed that just about everyone else in the DC area had the same idea. We couldn’t find an open parking lot, and for a few precarious minutes, it looked like we might not even make it out of the car. Fortunately, we came across a nearby California Tortilla where we were able to both park and get dinner.

Once we endured the several block walk to the Zoo entrance, the kids were happy. They enjoyed seeing the various lights, and they were completely transfixed by a laser light show display. Unfortunately, the majority of the things to do were located at the far end of the zoo which was a downhill walk. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except that every step we took downhill meant an uphill step on the way back.


Despite the crowd, and not being able to see everything the zoo had to offer, it was a worthwhile trip. The lights were beautiful, and the kids were entertained with a minimum of whining or complaining. If we go again next year, we just may have to try to go during the week.



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