More Than Meets the Eye

Cujo received a Transformers Bumblebee action figure for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it. As a result, he asked to see the new Bumblebee movie, but after some thought, I decided that it might be a little too advanced for a 4-year-old. Instead, I was going to show him the animated movie from the ’80s, since that seemed more age appropriate. Then I realized that I couldn’t make the movie his first exposure to the Transformers.

Optimus Prime famously dies in the movie (Sorry for the spoiler) which was quite the traumatic experience for many people of my generation. It wouldn’t be right for him to watch that without first watching the two seasons and building up an emotional attachment to Optimus (as well as the other characters who die). Otherwise, his death won’t carry the proper gravitas.

Fortunately, I found the cartoon series on the Tubi app, and allowed the kids to watch the first few episodes this morning. Cujo was quite enthralled, and he girls also seemed to enjoy the show, although not having accompanying toys, I’m not sure if they were quite as into it.

Hopefully his Bumblebee figure doesn’t meet the same fate as my Optimus Prime figure. Years ago, when my parents sold their house, I donated most of my old toys. Yet, I couldn’t bear to part with Optimus, which was one of my most beloved childhood possessions.


Optimus Prime – in happier times

Unfortunately, a few years ago, the Cutlet had some friends over, and despite knowing that it was supposed to be off-limits, they played with Optimus. Inevitably, they broke off his leg.

Don’t worry, this story may have a happy ending yet. On Christmas Day, seeing Cujo playing so happily with his Transformer, I decided to check EBay to see if I could locate a replacement Optimus. Fortunately, there was a re-issue of the original 1984 toy listed at an affordable price, so I bought myself a present. He should arrive in a couple of weeks, and my nostalgia fix will be sated.

I’m just going to be sure to keep him on a higher shelf this time around.


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1 Response to More Than Meets the Eye

  1. List of X says:

    I wonder if “I looked for a replacement Optimus Prime online, found one at an affordable price, and it just got shipped here” will be the plot point of a future Transformers movie explaining why Optimus Prime is alive again.

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