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A Call to Arms

You’re angry. You see that there was yet another school shooting. It feels like these incidents are happening more frequently and nobody is doing anything to stop them. You’re scared. You send your children off to school with the knowledge … Continue reading

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The 31 Days of…Writing?

Hey all. I’m not sure if anyone still follows this site, or if it was purged from everyone’s blogroll and bookmarks list after my final post last year. The point of this post isn’t to announce a return to blogging. … Continue reading

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Hand in My Pocket

Welcome to the final post on The Cutter Rambles. After over eight(!) years of sharing my thoughts on the world, I’ve decided that I’ve rambled enough. Heck, with over 700 published posts, I’ve rambled enough for several people. It’s been some time since … Continue reading

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December 1st

After coming out of “retirement” following the election, I’ve spent some time debating whether or not to continue writing here on a regular basis. I realize this seems like a lot of angst for a blog that doesn’t have an especially … Continue reading

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A Trip Through the Blogroll

I’d like to think that my brief retirement from the blogging world caused a huge void in many of your lives. I can picture you panicking when didn’t know where to turn to get your fill of opinions on random … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

My last two posts haven’t been especially happy, but can you blame me? Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen racists and neo-Nazis become emboldened, the Democratic party seems to be falling apart, and in a few months time, America is … Continue reading

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My Question to the Deplorables

Yeah, so I guess that whole “I’m not blogging anymore” thing was about as authentic as most campaign promises. The events of this week have understandably gotten me fired up, so it seems that The Cutter Rambles is back open … Continue reading

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Twilight in America

That didn’t take long. Less than two weeks after I wrote my “final” post, I’m back. I wasn’t sure I wanted to write this, because my last post ended on an optimistic note, and this one will be far less positive. But … Continue reading

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My Favorite Posts

I’ve written over 700 posts on this site. While the majority have been ultimately inconsequential, every so often, I come up with a post that turns out pretty well. Feeling somewhat nostalgic, I decided to look back through the archives … Continue reading

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A Very Special Visit From Michael Bublé

Only a few more weeks until election day! It can’t come soon enough, because the longer this process goes on, the more pessimistic I’ve become about the future of America. It seems hard for me to believe that so many … Continue reading

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