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Hand in My Pocket

Welcome to the final post on The Cutter Rambles. After over eight(!) years of sharing my thoughts on the world, I’ve decided that I’ve rambled enough. Heck, with over 700 published posts, I’ve rambled enough for several people. It’s been some time since … Continue reading

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False Dawn

Remember when I wrote that after a few weeks of crappiness, things seemed to be getting better? As it turned out, that light we saw at the end of the tunnel was the headlight of a fast approaching train. We hoped that … Continue reading

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Parents and Children

A message to my children… There’s going to come a time – and it will probably be much sooner than I expect – that you’re going to become curious about your father. You may want to find out more about the man … Continue reading

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Morning Has Broken

Today is my 39th birthday, and last night, I received an amazing gift: I was able to sleep through the night and didn’t have to clean up any vomit. That may not seem like much of a present, but after … Continue reading

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In Defense of Participation Trophies

NFL running back DeAngelo Williams recently made news because he forced his daughter to give back a ribbon she got for participating in a school field day. Williams said that his daughter hadn’t done anything to earn the ribbon, and … Continue reading

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Mama Cooked a Breakfast with No Hog

The twins slept late yesterday morning. That should have made it a good morning, but apparently, the lack of toddlers demanding my attention caused me to get lazy and sloppy. Mistakes were made. Oh my, how mistakes were made. The Cutlet … Continue reading

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Sit Down!

“You are getting strapped into this seat whether you like it or not!” Mrs. Cutter and I have found ourselves saying those words quite a bit over the past month. The Cutlass has decided that she no longer likes riding … Continue reading

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I Am Not My Brother/I Am Not My Sister

The Cutlass woke up early this morning. Lately, Cujo has been the more frequent early riser, but he was apparently tired today. Fortunately, I was able to get the Cutlass out of her crib without waking him up. Often times, … Continue reading

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At 19 months of age, the twins are still working on their talking skills. They both say various basic words like “more,” “mama,” “dada,” thank you,” “yes,” and “no.” As is often the case, the girl is ahead of the … Continue reading

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Elves, Giraffes, and Cheetahs: Writing Samples from a Kindergarten Student

Every so often the Cutlet is sent home with some of the artwork and writing projects she’s been working on. Because they’re so adorable, I’ve decided to share a few of them with you. Continue reading

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