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Preparing for My High School Reunion

My high school class is holding its 20th year reunion this Saturday. When I first heard about it, I didn’t know if I would attend. Beyond the logistics – which haven’t been easy to figure out – I wasn’t entirely sure I really … Continue reading

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Inappropriateness on Social Media

I re-learned a lesson today: Some people can get really worked up about something they deem offensive on social media, and many of them LOVE getting the opportunity to adopt a holier-than-thou attitude. This morning, Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider died … Continue reading

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F*** the (Social Media) Police!

I’ve become annoyed by the “social media police.” The social media police are the self-declared moderators of what people are and are not supposed to do on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You’ve probably all seen links like … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Invisible Princess – For the Love of Candy!

I was very excited when I was contacted by today’s guest.  As you may know, princesses are a big part of my life these days.  So when I had the chance to have an actual princess write something here, I jumped … Continue reading

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Using my advanced math skills, I was able to determine that my next post would be #400. Since that’s a big round number, I felt like it merited some sort of recognition. Continue reading

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Five Years!!!

It’s time to celebrate!  Today marks the five year anniversary of The Cutter Rambles! Back in the good old days of 2007,  I had a blog on my MySpace page.  (Keep in mind that back then, MySpace was still an actual … Continue reading

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Sports Hate

Fellow blogger Rarasaur has a recurring feature in which she supplies “prompts for the promptless.”  Basically, she provides bloggers with an idea which they can use in their blog. This week’s prompt is Schadenfreude. For those unfamiliar with the term, Schadenfreude is … Continue reading

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Defending (and Defriending) Facebook

If there’s one thing that Facebook users like to do, it is complain about Facebook. “It’s too big, they’re like the WalMart of the internet!” some people say.  Others complain that they don’t like Facebook’s privacy settings or the advertisements.  … Continue reading

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