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The Cutter’s Grand Finale Super Bowl LIII Preview Post

This is it, folks: The very last post on The Cutter Rambles! (At least, the last post until I inevitably decide to start blogging again in a year or two.) For the finale, I’m going to preview the grandest of … Continue reading

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Starting Plans for the Super Bowl Party Now…

I was going to write a longer post today, but the extreme business of the day is going to keep that from happening. There wasn’t much time to sit down and write, as I started off the day taking the … Continue reading

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Monday Night Football: The Champs are Still Alive

The Eagles played the Redskins on Monday Night Football last night. A loss would have essentially ended the Eagles’ season, so I’m very happy to report that they did not lose. It was not a pretty game by any means, … Continue reading

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Cheering for the Redskins?

After today’s win over the Buffalo Bills, the Philadelphia Eagles are currently tied for first place in the NFC East. Keep in mind that they aren’t in first place because they’re a good team; they’ve actually lost more games than … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLIX Preview – with Special Guest Star Idina Menzel!

Now that the controversy over the Patriots’ balls is starting to die down, we can finally look ahead to Sunday’s big game. Unfortunately, most people have realized that they aren’t particularly fond of either team playing in the game. First off, both teams … Continue reading

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Who Won the Internet? – The New England Patriots and “Deflategate”

It’s time for me to once again take a look around the World Wide Web and determine which person or people “won” the internet this week. By nature, the teams that win the NFL’s conference championship games are going to … Continue reading

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The Bane of My Existence as a Football Fan

I remember the good old days (aka the days before I had children): I’d spend my Fall Sundays watching the Eagles play. It didn’t matter when they played. If they had the 1 PM game, that was fine. If they … Continue reading

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The Ad Pundit: The NFL Shop Family

Some of you may be aware that I used to have another blog named The Ad Pundit. I would review television commercials, usually taking a very literal “real world” analysis. If anyone wants to check out some of the older … Continue reading

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A few Thanksgiving leftovers

Now that it’s a week after Thanksgiving, is it too late to discuss what went on during the holiday? It should be obvious based on this post’s title, that regardless of your feelings on this matter, I’m going to discuss … Continue reading

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Washing the jersey

Over the years, I’ve managed to become less superstitious when it comes to my sports teams. While I might not have gone as far as to make eggs Benedict every Sunday, in my younger days, I was convinced – sometimes to … Continue reading

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