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The Cutter’s Grand Finale Super Bowl LIII Preview Post

This is it, folks: The very last post on The Cutter Rambles! (At least, the last post until I inevitably decide to start blogging again in a year or two.) For the finale, I’m going to preview the grandest of … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLIX Preview – with Special Guest Star Idina Menzel!

Now that the controversy over the Patriots’ balls is starting to die down, we can finally look ahead to Sunday’s big game. Unfortunately, most people have realized that they aren’t particularly fond of either team playing in the game. First off, both teams … Continue reading

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The 4th Annual Christmas Day Interview with Michael Bublé

I hope everyone is having a fine holiday. Even if you’re not, I have a feeling that things are about to pick up. Because for the fourth straight year, I have a special guest star. Continue reading

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