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Holiday Clips: Santa Shark

Are you a parent? Do you just love hearing “Baby Shark?” Well, I have some good news: There’s a special Christmas version of the song called “Santa Shark!” You’re welcome. Advertisements

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Hand in My Pocket

Welcome to the final post on The Cutter Rambles. After over eight(!) years of sharing my thoughts on the world, I’ve decided that I’ve rambled enough. Heck, with over 700 published posts, I’ve rambled enough for several people. It’s been some time since … Continue reading

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Parents and Children

A message to my children… There’s going to come a time – and it will probably be much sooner than I expect – that you’re going to become curious about your father. You may want to find out more about the man … Continue reading

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More Writing Samples from a Kindergarten Student

Since my last post was a bit heavy, I wanted to lighten things up. A couple of months ago, I shared some of my daughter’s writing assignments in school. It was as adorable as it sounds. Now that she’s done … Continue reading

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I Am Not My Brother/I Am Not My Sister

The Cutlass woke up early this morning. Lately, Cujo has been the more frequent early riser, but he was apparently tired today. Fortunately, I was able to get the Cutlass out of her crib without waking him up. Often times, … Continue reading

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The Outing

Every so often, I am left alone with the twins. On some of these occasions, I become oddly adventurous and decide to leave the house. The trips aren’t usually too ambitious, but when babies are involved, even short trips can be a … Continue reading

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The Cutter’s Advice to Prospective Parents or Anyone Remotely Considering the Possibility of Having Children

If you are a parent, this post is not for you. (Although you’re welcome to read anyway!) This post is for those of you who do not have children. To my childless readers, I am about to provide you with … Continue reading

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Date Night!

I wasn’t sure I was going to get this post in today. Believe it or not, Mrs. Cutter and I actually went out on a date tonight – by ourselves! For the first time since the twins were born, the two … Continue reading

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Remember the good old days when I used to write about the Cutlet’s bowel movements? I can imagine some of you are groaning (if you haven’t already stopped reading), but don’t worry, today’s post is not about the Cutlet’s bowel movements. … Continue reading

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The Bane of My Existence as a Football Fan

I remember the good old days (aka the days before I had children): I’d spend my Fall Sundays watching the Eagles play. It didn’t matter when they played. If they had the 1 PM game, that was fine. If they … Continue reading

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