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Seasons Change, Eras End

Time passes, seasons change, and the years roll on. My Jewish readers surely know that Rosh Hashanah began last night, which means that a new year of the Hebrew calendar has begun. (Happy new year to you all!) Marking the … Continue reading

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Surpassing Low Expectations: An Early Report on the 2016 Philadelphia Phillies

After last night’s loss to the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies have a 6-8 record. Based on the reputation of the city’s sports fans, you might think this was a cause for anger and panic in Philadelphia. But despite sitting … Continue reading

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Awesome Stuff: Phillie Phanatic

I’m not sure when the concept of sports mascots began, but it seems like these days, you can’t have a professional or college sports team without someone dressed in a giant costume running around on the sideline. Some of these … Continue reading

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In Defense of Jonathan Papelbon

Blaming Papelbon for the team’s problems is an easy way to ignore the fact that this Nationals team had quite a few problems. Continue reading

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Fortunate Son

Maybe I should do him a favor and steer him away from being a sports fan. He would probably be better off finding a different hobby and avoid wasting so much time and mental stress over the results of millionaires playing children’s games. Continue reading

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Chase Utley, Carlos Ruiz, and the Philadelphia Phillies: A Southerner’s Perspective

I had originally intended for this post to go on the Philadelphia sports blog which I write for. For reasons that will quickly become obvious, I was told that they couldn’t publish it.  Please remember that this is intended to be humorous. If any … Continue reading

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No Food, No Problem

For those of you who may know a few Jewish people, this is the day they go to services and don’t eat. Continue reading

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Talking Myself into the Phillies

Preseason predictions have not been kind to the Phillies.  It seems that most prognosticators do not envision the team making the playoffs in 2013. But when have preseason predictions ever been correct?  Despite the pessimism of others, I am working hard to … Continue reading

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Young MC and the Optimism of Young Sports Fans

So here we are on a Thursday.  And how better to spend my Thursday than by writing a new blog? I’m not heading into this with a particular subject in mind.  But sometimes, when I start writing, a subject soon … Continue reading

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Taking Back the Park?

This past weekend, the Washington Nationals held a Take Back the Park promotion for their series against the Phillies. Since Nationals Park opened in 2008, whenever the Phillies have come to visit, the stadium becomes overrun with their fans.  This has resulted in … Continue reading

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