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Giving Thanks

My last two posts haven’t been especially happy, but can you blame me? Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen racists and neo-Nazis become emboldened, the Democratic party seems to be falling apart, and in a few months time, America is … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Cutter Day

Cutter Day is a thing of the past. In my younger days, I made the day before Thanksgiving into a personal holiday. I would take off from work and take a trip to Atlantic City with either my father or friends. Sometimes there … Continue reading

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A few Thanksgiving leftovers

Now that it’s a week after Thanksgiving, is it too late to discuss what went on during the holiday? It should be obvious based on this post’s title, that regardless of your feelings on this matter, I’m going to discuss … Continue reading

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Washing the jersey

Over the years, I’ve managed to become less superstitious when it comes to my sports teams. While I might not have gone as far as to make eggs Benedict every Sunday, in my younger days, I was convinced – sometimes to … Continue reading

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My Daughter Wore a Turkey Dress to School Today

I’m not sure who originally bought the dress; it was either Mrs. Cutter or her mother, but that isn’t important.  The important thing is that the Cutlet owns an orange dress that comes complete with a brown skirt, brown pants, … Continue reading

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An Earlier Than Expected Chanukkah Post

As is my yearly tradition, I will provide you all with a Chanukkah post. I will share eight points with you, some of which will relate to the holiday, while others will not. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

I can say there’s a good chance that tonight’s dinner will also be leftovers. And I’ll probably have even more tomorrow. Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

It’s one of the best weeks of the year: Thanksgiving week!  A short work week and lots of fun happenings about. The week got off to a good start on Sunday night as I went to see the WWE’s Survivor Series … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has had a good Thanksgiving.  My extended holiday has been pretty solid.  Wednesday we took a bus up to Atlantic City.  And while I lost at Blackjack as usual, at least this time I didn’t get wiped … Continue reading

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